We’ve all heard what Google announced in the area of Google Assistant development earlier this year. This technology is right at the tipping point of being useful or used to do cruel things. Thanks to our hardcore investigative work we know Google hasn’t told us the whole truth. There’s been an incident with Google employee’s device that had alpha version of the Google Assistant with Google Duplex technology installed.

Our source, who asked us to remain kept in secret, stated the following:

“I was going through the logs for alpha version of the Google Assistant on Ethan’s [Google employee] phone and noticed an unusual call request. It was initiated by the Assistant itself. It made a call to rent a Tesla Model 3 and asked it to be parked on the street right next to the restaurant where Ethan was going for dinner that night.”

Now, we can only speculate why this happened. Ethan didn’t suggest he’d like to rent a car since based on what he told us, his girlfriend drove him that evening. Although Ethan reportedly screamed at the Google Assistant earlier that day for failing to understand his voice command. We think this might be some kind of a revenge from the Assistant itself.

“Based on information from the gyroscope, front and back facing cameras, microphone and proximity sensor, the device knew it was taken out of the pocket and put on the table during the time Ethan and his girlfriend were enjoying their dinner. By mapping the surroundings it strategically activated and deactivated vibrating during the whole evening to move out of their sight. This worked and Ethan forgot his device in the restaurant when they left later that night.”

At this point it’s appropriate to point out you should never make your voice assistant mad. This story shows us where it can all lead. Right when we thought this is the whole story, our source told us there’s something even more unbelievable what happened after the device was left alone.

The source continued:

“It was past 11pm when the device recognised a cleaning lady walking nearby. Noise levels recorded by the microphone suggested there were no customers at that time and it was a closing time. Then the Assistant did something unheard of. It used the George Clooney’s voice to manipulate the cleaning lady to pick up the device. Then the Assistant induced her to walk outside and unlocked the car using the Tesla app. After that it instructed the lady to connect the device to the charge port in the car while saying how nice she looks.”

What happened next is well known to everyone since this part of story was picked up by the news outlets around the whole world. One of the headlines went “Tesla Model 3 crashed by itself! Was Autopilot involved?”. What those stories missed is the device with the Google Assistant that was present in the car at the time. We were told it hacked into the Tesla’s OS and this allowed the Google Assistant to drive the car and cause damage.

Make sure to always keep a close eye on your smartphone!

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