After carefully planning this moment for years, Rockstar Games has decided to merge Grand Theft Auto, Bully Scholarship and Red Dead Redemption series into one game. Development of the individual game series will be terminated altogether. Our source familiar with the matter stated the following:

“It seems it’s going to be called Grand Theft Bully Redemption. What a nice play with the titles.”

Some of it may not come as a surprise since Rockstar Games always try to make their latest game release in one of their game series the best yet. Now it’s going to be three game series in one game. What better can you imagine?

Based on the information we got, players will be able to play in a role of four different players. One of them is Billy, the student. While playing for this character you won’t be able to drive a car or ride a motorcycle. The source commented:

“This already sounds to me like the best game ever. I can not wait to walk across half of the map for two hours and see the rich details of the surroundings. This is the pure gaming experience!”

Missions with Billy will be filled with classes attendance and visiting the driving school.

When talking to our source we were able to get some more information. Although the rest of the characters is yet to be decided, there’s one more we found out about. His name is Trevor. Does that name ring a bell? Yes, the Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V. According to what we know, Trevor will go through a rehab that’ll change him to a humble, polite and law abiding citizen. A great play on Rockstar Games’ side since this is what all the players wanted. This is the right material that makes people want to pre-order a game!

Out of curiosity we’ve decided to reach out to Electronic Arts to ask whether they’ve heard about these rumours. EA spokesperson didn’t confirm or deny whether they have any information however they’ve shared some interesting bit of news with us too. EA said:

“We’re actively working on a new, open world game. It’s going to feature six unique characters, five of which will be available as DLCs. You’ll also be able to unlock 80 new missions by buying DLCs as an addition to 10 mission that come standard with the game.”

EA also added this will give players a great choice with the feeling of freedom.

It got really hot in here. We can not wait for these two games to be officially announced. What do you think about these rumours? Do you have some more information you’d like to share with us? You can express yourself in the comments section below.

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